Heather’s Challenge # 1

I challenge you…
To a minor effort… which will make a morbid task less morbid if you all do it with me. I’m urging friends and family to do the same. The closer I get to done with this task, the better I feel. Although, I refused to talk about it for a very long while. 

Why is it that we wait until something happens to get our living wills, wills and estate planning done? It’s hard enough when we die for our families to deal with our loss, but then they have to go through figuring out how to pay for our funerals, or where exactly we work, and who gets what. Or simply, if you want to stay on life support forever.
I, for one, have always felt that an open casket would be weird… and then I told my mom I wanted to be bronzed and put in their front yard. Clearly, this is the best idea I’ve ever had. 
I also have a pact with my closest friends to go through my apartment and take anything that my parents wouldn’t like to see and the locations of those things… You know, like my expensive shampoos, joke books and anything but granny panties. (which I had done when I went into the hospital and my parents ended up living at my apartment. Luckily, Emily Chaney did that before I ever woke up from being intubated over a year ago.)  
Anywho, join me in the fun of doing the arduous task of thinking about who gets what and whether or not you what to be hooked up to a machine indefinitely. Make a will. Fill out the Five wishes form. Plan your estate. Whatever. Do for you what needs to be done so that your shit doesn’t get tied up in legal battles. 
Like this if you’ll help me by doing something we all should’ve done a while ago. I’ll be doing the same. 
P.S. I’m still fighting and not dying. I’m still here… just in a bubble waiting for my clinical trial to start. Be The Match needed a lot of additional information on why I need more of my donor’s cells, so things have been delayed. My wish is that we find a way to do this faster. Time is not my friend here. Please pray for a speedy collection of cells from my generous donor and Be The Match so that I can continue on making the funny and living with love. 

Here’s a link to help you get started: 


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