Poop jokes. 

I keep wondering if you guys are still along for this long bumpy ride of Leukemia… I thought that I’d be done with it now too. I was already volunteering for Leukemia and planning my way to educate people on this road I didn’t plan on. I was sure that it would all be behind me, I’d be back to work and back to doing comedy… but here I am, again in a hospital bed. With a lot of hope that I’ll make it to the Car-T cells and that the clinical trials work…
I’m feeling good… the running conversation at the hospital among the nurses every time I’m in here is whether or not I’m going to poop. You see, I have these long legs. And marrow grows in the long bones, so it’s often painful for me to stand, and very painful when bone marrow is under production. (These long legs are a f-ing curse!)So, I’m on quite a lot of pain medication, which causes constipation… the moment finally arrives tonight and the

toilet breaks in my room…
So that’s how I treat each moment right now. We had a good laugh here, and much to my dismay, it was about poop. But, it’s the little things that help this all move along
You can feel badly about me being sick, but don’t feel bad for living your life and laughing at poop jokes. I’ve been given another year already with this horrible illness… when I easily could’ve died before I was even diagnosed. I’ve been given a year where I’ve mended relationships, grown into a different person, fallen in love more every day with my boyfriend and am reminded that the little stuff is the stuff that we miss most when we’re away from our loved ones.

I’ve been reminded of all of the stuff that I’ve done and still want to do. It’s very true that I am extremely sick. But, I’m feeling stronger again, armed with more knowledge, and love. Take that, leukemia.


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