Last night,Tomorrow, and my first time on stage in a while and where to buy tickets.  All at one of the most respected festivals in the industry.  Promising not to suck. 

There’s really not a community that I’m prouder to be a part of than Denver Comedy. Last night was so awesome seeing comedian friends. They were the only ones that collectively knew that I wasn’t allowed to hug anyone. I collected fist bumps like Pinterest puppy pictures. Also, thanks for all of the kind words and welcoming of Justin. He’s my hero and it was funny to see him applauded and known by all of you. He’s not on social media, so he has no idea that we’re all humbled by his tinder love cancer fight. 
All I can say is that you guys are the best. Energy is sort of an every other day thing for me. So, I’m excited for tomorrow and resting up so that I don’t go narcoleptic on stage. 

May not see you guys tonight, but excited for every piece of you I see. Kyle Kinane’s Navy Seal Tickle joke made my day. And Jordan Doll, as usual, made me spit out my drink. Because I was wearing a mask, it was extra hilarious because it ended up all over my face. 
I’m on the Denver Up and Comer’s show at Mutiny Cafe Saturday Night @ 7… Because I haven’t been on stage for quite a while. It’s a new me. I hope you like it… If not, worse things have happened. Heehee. 

Get your tickets here!


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