Baby Steps…  Or Leaps. I’m more into leaps. Leaps with safety harnesses, masks and Antibacterial Soap. 

Spent a majority of the day trying to get rid of a headache that was caused by low magnesium because I connected my take home magnesium IV too late. Once it was about halfway through, the headache slipped away. Have I mentioned that I think haves 3 port central cathedar line coming out of my chest? It’s much easier for them to draw blood every other day. However, I call them udders. Was so glad because I was able to rally and pick up my performer’s pass for High Plains Comedy Festival
A little nervous because it’s been a while since I’ve been on Stage, but the kindness and love I received from my fellow comics put me at ease. Come hang with me on Saturday. It’ll be a hoot.

Remember, No Hugs. Fist bumps for health!

High Plains Comedy Festival – Denver Up & Comers 


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