Hope at Hutch in Seattle

We have a plan, and we were waiting to post until we were sure…

Next week, I head back to PSL to get my second bone marrow transplant. It was important to me to stay in Denver for transplant because of my wonderful support network here.  Same drill…  I’ll again be taken down to zero on my absolute nutrofil count, making my immune system total shit and able to catch any cold or bug that crosses my path. So, I’ll be there for another 30 days-ish starting the July 25th. You can send anything to:

Heather Snow
c/o Presbyterian St Lukes
Bone Marrow Transplant Floor
1719 E 19th Ave
Denver, CO 80218

And in big new news, I’m headed to Seattle tomorrow, for the day, with Justin and Emily, the two people who held my hand on my first trip to the ER to officially sign up for a clinical trial at Fred Hutch. Pending a few more tests (if my veins allow… They may have to go to my toes.), and hoping for a continued relapse status and minimal GVHD after my transplant next week. Hoping that we keep moving forward to a positive outcome. 

What is this clinical trial? Around 40 days after my transplant, the plan is to head up to Fred Hutch for two to three weeks to get a fresh batch of genetically modified donor cells. This should be sometime in September. We jumped through so many hoops to get accepted, that we’ve kept it on the down low just in case it didn’t work out. We had to have all of the right blood markers for me and the donor, get the anonymous donor’s acceptance, in addition to maintaining continued relapse and getting an extra biopsy (which we’re waiting for results on.)

The idea is that they take a batch of T-Cells from the donor and modify them to attack residual leukemia cells. Of the twelve people that have done this in similar circumstances, all are still in remission. Thanks to a nurse navigator from LLS.org and Justin for tracking down every possible clinical study to give me the best possible chances of staying alive.  

Don’t worry about us getting sick, we’re borrowing a plane again from another incredibly generous individual. The love and light that I have felt this year from everyone is going to carry me through this. I just know it. Transplant #2 begins next week. 

If you’re looking for ways to help…

Go see a comedy show at Comedy Works… Laugh and clap.

Email me gift cards so I can send my caregivers with money for stuff… Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joes, Safeway, Walgreens, Starbucks, whatever else you may think we’d enjoy. 

Venmo me… (Whether I owe you money or you owe me.)

Give blood or platelets wherever you are. FYI, You have to make an appointment at Presbyterian St. Lukes. 

Sign up for the list @ deletebloodcancer.org

Hug a stranger.

Volunteer or donate to Dear Jack Foundation or Love Hope Strength

Buy tickets to High Plains Comedy Festival.  A little birdy says I may show up there. And, even if I don’t, it’s going to be an amazing bunch of shows. 

#fuckcancer #lovePrevails over #leukemia 


One thought on “Hope at Hutch in Seattle

  1. Hi Heather,
    I am Dina Brownstein’s sister Robin in Seattle. Dina is the other person who Sarah ran the marathon for.

    I have circulated your info and want to offer to you and your caregivers to be a contact person here for you. Any local info you need ect.

    I would also like to organize food delivery and other things you all may need once you are here.

    And for you , I am holding strong thoughts about your fight. You sound like an amazing human being! I have followed you through Saras posts. You go girl!! Seattle is waiting for you!

    Please contact me anytime for anything I might be able to help with as you prepare to come.

    Cheers Heather!

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