Welp, I’m getting blood tonight, so I’m on FentaNYL and Benadryl so I’m going to spare you the goof ball ramblings of the person about to get a blood transfusion in and make you laugh tomorrow.

I’ll send a good exciting update tomorrow, but, spoiler alert: I’m still fighting high fevers. And have gotten more platelet and blood transfusions than I can count. Starting to make.A COMEDIAN “Class Board of the hooligans in really any (denver may also have a bonus separate)

I just want to see you above the torso and ALONE unless you are a comedic duo have 

Attempting to remember all of your smiling faces after this long, long year and my memory is fading. I have a little photo printer here with me in the hospital. Prints the most adorable 2/3s. Phil Giggled a lot.

Shoot me a message trough Facebook and whatever…. This girl needs a hearty pick me up. 


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