Yet another competition.

It seems like every other week, there’s another competition.  I just want to tell jokes, and if I have to compete to do so, so be it.  I’m not a competitive person; I could honestly care less whether I win or lose(although, who doesn’t like to win from time to time? Prizes and money are both on my favorites list).

I have a friend from college, Mindy, who is good at everything.  I’m not sure exactly what it is about her, but whenever we’re playing a game of cards or flip cup, or beer pong, or poker, I really enjoy seeing her lose.  Even if I have to sacrifice my own success to make Mindy fail, I do it.  This has become problematic with our relationship from time to time.  To keep our friendship in tact, we have made the rule that we always have to play on the same team and then it isn’t nearly as fun for me to sabotage her success. Sorry, Mindy.  I do it because one of my favorite things about you is your fiery competitiveness, and nothing brings it out better than when you’re losing. It fascinates me and cracks me up.  Also, I very much enjoy this picture of you and have a copy of it framed on top of my television.

I’m in yet another competition this next week, and I’m pretty excited to perform at Herman’s Hideaway.  I don’t care if I win, which is horrible to say, but I truly do not care if I win.  Boy, I sure do know how to sell a show.

Print off the ticket below for a discount to Denver’s Top Comic at Herman’s Hideaway on 10.28.   My buddy, Eric Oren, will also be back from Chicago to go head to head with a bunch of other dudes.  Love that kid & can’t wait to see him.  He’s hilarious and always brings a really great crowd. He always wins… asshole.  Maybe I’ll try to sabotage him this time… hmmmm (making a sinister face and rubbing my palms together)….

Then, I’m taking this class from Jeff Singer that I’m really looking forward to:

Step Up Your Standup Comedy Workshop

And then I’m going to find a beach where my phone doesn’t work and I can’t access the internet.  Can’t wait to do nothing, sit around and drink with the Key family and not have to be in a competition.


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