Here goes it…

Blogging doesn’t seem necessary until there’s a point when one feels that they need to explain their actions.

Here’s a good exercise for everyone to try:

In one sentence, explain the first impression that you give people.  If someone was to describe you, what would that description be?

  • I would be: The tall girl with blonde hair that you have probably seen at that dive bar.
  • I used to be: That famous college football player’s girlfriend…  the tall one.

I like the first title better.

  • I hope to become: Heather Snow, you’ve seen her.  She’s funny.

I’m doing my best to become a part of Denver’s local comedy scene.   The comics here are certainly friendly and supportive, but you can tell that you’re not funny when no one is laughing.  I don’t care how pretty you are, that’s not going to cut it.  (No matter how much they want to hug you when you get off stage.)

So here goes:  I’m Heather Snow. I’m six feet tall, a girl & I’m going to be funny.


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